Mask Optional Letter Home 3.16.21

Dear Joliet Parents and Guardians, On the evening of March 15th, Joliet Public School Board voted to make masks optional effective March 16th, 2021. The decision came after lengthy deliberations and a great deal of public comment. We understand that parents may have differing opinions about this decision, and we will do our best here at Joliet School to adhere to your personal wishes. If you want your child to continue masking, please call the school and let us know so we can encourage your child to continue wearing a face covering. The District will continue: increased cleaning protocols promotion of handwashing and proper hygiene social distancing when possible opening classroom/office windows for ventilation weather permitting students moving in cohort groups expectations for on-campus meetings, gatherings, events, and visitors to adhere to MHSA directives to offer work flexibility for students and staff student arrival and departure routines the same food preparation and meal service All other emergency policies are still effective. At this time, the only change in policies and protocols is optional face coverings. Respectfully, Allison B. Evertz Joliet Superintendent