Speech & Drama

From left, Coach Ashley Engelke, Tristan Wilkerson, Kala Bertolino, Raiden Ovitt, Deon Bradley, Jacob Sironen, Serena Just, Wyatt Luloff, Coach Bob Reed, Hailey Metcalf, Deidrah Beckwith, kneeling; Brigham Smith

TEAM: Alyssa Taborski, Brigham Smith, Cody Barthule, Hailey Metcalf, Jacob Sironen, Kala Bertolino,  Serena Just, Shania Koenigshof, Tristan Wilkerson, Wyatt Luloff, Zach Blair, Deidrah Beckwith, Deon Bradley

2017-16 SCHEDULE

Oct. 29 - Billings/Shepherd East District - RESULTS: Speech and Drama went up against nearly 30 schools and over 500 competitors in Billings on Saturday. Joliet High School took the 1st place WIN in Class B Drama! You are off to a fabulous start!!!!! Wyatt Luloff placed 1st, Jacob Sironen placed 1st, Tristan Wilkerson placed 2nd… 1 point behind Jacob and Brigham Smith placed 7th!!!

Nov. 5 - Belfry - RESULTS: Jacob Sironen 1st, SPOI, Tristan Wilkerson, 3rd, SPOI, Kala Bertolino, 1st, Impromtu

Nov. 19 - Hardin

Dec. 3 - Fromberg

Dec. 10 - Columbus - RESULTSCoach Bob took 7 kids to compete at the meet. 4 out of the seven place in the top 8! Congrats! Kala Bertolino 2nd Impromptu, Shania Koeningshof 3rd Dramatic Oral Interp, Brigham Smith 4th Humorous Solo, Zach Blair 6th Humorous Solo, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Jan. 14 - Huntley - RESULTS: There were 35 schools there. We brought a total of 8 competitors. 5 of the 8 made finals! Kala placed 2nd, Wyatt was 7th, Jacob was 7th, Tristan was 6th, Shania was 7thOut of 15 class B schools we finished 5th overall. Congrats!!

Jan. 20-21 - Gardner A/B-C Divisionals

Jan. 27-28 - State B-C MSU-Northern Havre Meet (Hosted by Chinook)

Speech & Drama Places Well

On Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014 the Joliet Speech and Drama team competed in a meet at Billings Central/Rocky Mountain College.

25 schools competed with over 300 students. Joliet brought 7 students to this meet. 6 in speech and 1 in drama.

Overall in the B/C category, our team placed 3rd. We were 2nd among B schools.