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Morning Adult Basketball

February 17th, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

There seems to be some confusion about the adult basketball that takes place three mornings a week from 5:45-6:30 a.m. This is an Adult Ed. program supported and covered by the school. This is not intended for children, as they are not developmentally at the same level of play as the adults. Because the children are much smaller and less able at this young age, Adult Education Basketball is not a safe environment for young children who are just learning to play the sport.

It is a different scenario if you are a parent who is actively playing and supervising your child on the court. However, you need to be on the court playing simultaneously with your child for this scenario to be sanctioned by the administration. As the parent, you need to be on the court playing with your child so that you can help teach them, and keep them out of situations that may be unsafe.

For this reason, students are not allowed to play without a parent playing unless they are in 9th-12th grade. We feel that high school students would be able to compete at the adult level.
We love the enthusiasm of our young players, but our school cannot have young children unsupervised playing with adults in competitive situations. It is not in the best interest of your child or the school.

Please note that the Adult Ed. basketball is over at 6:30 a.m. If your child is between 9th-12th grades, s/he needs to leave the school as soon as morning basketball is finished. Students cannot be at the school unsupervised at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation concerning this matter. Our goal is to make Joliet School a safe, positive environment for not only our students but also our community members.

Kind Regards,
Allison B. Evertz, M.Ed.
Superintendent of JPS

Grewell, Luoma, and Miller win VFW Award

Joliet Middle School participated in the VFW- sponsored Patriot's Pen essay contest. This is a nationwide sponsored youth essay competition giving students an opportunity to write essays expressing their views on annual patriotic theme. The 2015-2016 theme was "What freedom means to me". This theme went along with the middle schools veterans day presentation. We are proud to announce winners from the local VFW post and the district VFW post.

At the post level Caleb Miller received a cash award and a plaque for 3rd place, Jordan Grewell received a cash award and plaque for 2nd place, and Joelle Luoma received a cash award and plaque award for 1st place. First and second place were sent on to the district level. At the district level Joelle Luoma received a cash award for 2nd place and Jordan Grewell received 1st place, and her essay will be submitted to the state level with results being announced in April 2016.

Back L to R: Rick Grewell, Ray Locke, Rick Osborne
Front L to R: Jordan Grewell, Joelle Luoma, Caleb Miller

Picture Day for Groups/GBB & BBB rescheduled

Lifetouch groups and basketball team pictures have been rescheduled. The orginal date scheduled was 1-20-16. It has been moved to 1-25-16. The calendar reflects the correct date!

Joliet's FFA Program Rocks!!

Joliet Shined at the John Deere Expo here are the results:
Varsity Parliamentary Procedure – 4th
JV Agronomy - 2nd, - Zayne Songstad 2nd 
Varsity Agronomy - Jerod Songstad 10th
JV Ag Communications - 3rd, Tysa Oswald 3rd, Jordan Grewell 10th
JV Ag Mechanics - 1st, Colton Whitney 4th, Justin Harris 5th
Varsity AG Mechanics - 1st, Cotton Myers, tied for 1st, Noah Grewell 7th, Logen Mydland 9th
Varsity Horse Evaluation - Danni Nardinger 7th
JV Meats - Breanna King 9th
JV Ag Sales - 3rd, Shane Milton 3rd, Danni Nardinger 8th
JV Agriscience Team - Brett Robinson & Trey Oswald 3rd
JV Agriscience Individual - Nicole Stevenson 1st
Varsity Agriscience Team - Allie Blain & Morgan Harris 1st
Ag Issues - 4th - Shane Milton, Noah Grewell, Allie Blain, Morgan Harris, Lily Agar
JV Extemp Speaking - Kala Bertolino 1st
Varsity Creed Speaking - Kallie Zinne 4th
Congrats to all!!!! Great way to represent Joliet!!!!

Cat/Griz Food Drive

Our CAT/GRIZ food drive was a success! As a school we collected 1,447 items for the local food bank. Thank you for your contribution, the community will benefit greatly! It was a close call, but the CATS won the food drive by 19 items. -- Thank you again, JHS Rachel's Challenge!!