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MCTM math contest results

On March 8th 2016 Joliet students competed at the MCTM math competition which was held at Billings West High School. We compete against other Class B and Class C Schools. Such as Big Timber, Columbus, Billings Christian, Reed Point, Lodge Grass, Shepherd, etc. A superior rating means that you are in the top 10 percent overall students, and an honorable mention
means that you are in the top 15 percent overall students.

7th and 8th Grade team (2nd Place Overall)
Team Leaders
Joelle Luoma (3 superiors)
Rockwood Frank (2 superiors and 1 honorable mention)
Jordan Grewell (3 honorable mentions)
Cassidy Richardson (1 honorable mention)
Megan Riehl (1 honorable mention)

9th and 10 grade team (1st place overall Top School Award)
Nicole Stevenson (2 Superiors and 1 Honorable Mention)
Levi Watson (2 Superiors and 1 Honorable Mention)
Taylor Rowlison (1 Superior and 2 Honorable Mentions)
Brett Robinson (1 Superior and 1 Honorable Mention)
Reed Welch (1 Superior and 1 Honorable Mention)

11th and 12th grade team (1st place overall Top School Award)
Sari Robertus (3 Superiors)
Austin Webber (2 Superiors)
Allie Blain (1 Superior and 1 Honorable Mention)
Wyatt Luloff (2 Honorable Mentions)
Logen Mydland ( 2 Honorable Mentions)
Melissa Daly (2 Honorable Mentions)
Noah Grewell (2 Honorable Mentions)

Community Scholarship Drive

Joliet High School is beginning the annual Joliet Community Scholarship drive which solicits businesses and individuals who are interested in contributing to the scholarship fund. Each year donors have renewed their pledges to the fund that enables Joliet High School students to further their education. As college and vocational training becomes more and more expensive, fewer students are able to afford the total costs. Community members and community businesses have been committed to the students in developing their potential as productive and successful individuals, by helping with the financial burdens of higher education through donations to the scholarship fund.

Last year the scholarship fund raised enough money to assist many students to further their education. The selection of the applicants is based on their academic commitment and success, leadership contributions, along with school and community involvement.

The list of donors continues to grow as do the plaques placed in the Joliet High School gymin appreciation of the generous gifts. Any questions can be directed to Brice Turk at Joliet Schools, 962-3541. If you wish to contribute, donations may be mailed to: 

Joliet Community Scholarship Fund
Joliet High School
P.O. Box 590
Joliet, MT 59041

Hats Off to Dr. Seuss's Birthday!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss’s birthday—what better way to celebrate than to read? Did you know Dr. Seuss would be 112 this year? While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages of his books. He forever changed the way children’s books were written and continues to inspire generations. So this month, why not host a fun, whimsical party? Read Dr. Seuss books, use your imagination, and be silly!

In Katroo, every year, on the day you were born
They start the day right in the bright early morn
When the Birthday Honk-Honker hikes high up Mt. Zorn
and lets loose a big blast on the big Birthday Horn.
And the voice of the horn calls out loud as it plays:
"Wake up! For today is your Day of all Days!"

— Happy Birthday to You!

Below, Mrs. Evertz, Superintendent reads 'Cat In The Hat' to 3rd Grade! Happy Read Across America Day!!

MS Boys Basketball Highlights

The Joliet Middle School boys basketball season ended on February 22 with a game against Red Lodge. The team was composed of 6th, 7th and 8th grade boys, along with four managers. The boys worked extremely hard and improved immensely. Throughout the season the managers compiled a highlight video with clips from many games. Take a look at our 2015-2016 middle school boys basketball highlight video on YouTube.