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You're welcome to come and look!

Joliet Public School has OUTDATED curriculum materials for sale... any reasonable offers accepted! Textbooks, tapes, encyclopedias, etc... call 962-3541 ext. 208 to schedule an appointment to come and look for yourself! Available now thru July 17th, 2017.

All About Cats! Thanks BHA!

Ms.Joni Bell, from Beartooth Humane Alliance, was visiting third grade teaching about the needs of cats and how to be a good cat owner. Students enjoyed cat can you hear the mouse game, watching funny videos and students made cat puppets to create their own plays.

Learn Japanese language & culture for free

This opportunity is brought to you by your Billings Public Library and Southern Montana Intercultural and Language Exchange (SMILE INC). Classes will be taught by Rod Gottula and Rie Kuroki. Rod is a former National Board Certified Teacher of Language Arts and high-school English teacher . He holds a master's degree in linguistics, has spent four years living and working in Japan as part of the JET Program, and is a former Japan Club Advisor. Rie is a native Japanese speaker and part-time translator who has lived in MT for over fifteen years.

Classes will meet from 5:30 to 6:10, beginning on October 11th, at the Billings Public Library, and will focus on teaching students basic spoken Japanese, the Hiragana and Katakana alphabets and various aspects of Japanese culture. The course will serve as a valuable springboard for students who wish to go on to study Japanese at the college level, those who simply want to supplement their love of anime and manga with a dash of academic knowledge, and those who have a strong desire to visit Japan in the future. We only ask that you commit to attending regularly, so that you can truly benefit from the course.