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ORDER your pack it pink shirts ONLINE!

Pack it Pink and Senior Night- October 21st, 2017

Game Times: C-Squad-2:00, JV-3:15 and Varsity-4:45

  Please come and support the cause and our community members who have fought and continue to fight this disease. All proceeds go to a family we know who is struggling with cancer or bills from cancer treatments.

  Each shirt costs $10.00 and $5.00 is profit that goes directly to a family in our community.

  This year, to make it easier, you will go to this website online and order your Pack it Pink shirt there. They have youth and adult sizes.

  Please order your shirts in the next week to assure it being reading for Pack it Pink. Deadline is October 11th!

  Prizes to be awarded for all kids K-6th who attend! Please come and join us on our special night!